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So this is where I tell you about myself. I'm a wife, a mother of three boys and, of course, a photographer. I'm a native from Chicago, grew up in California, but made Arizona my home in 1992. I love everything about Arizona, even the heat! In addition to my passion for photography, I enjoy listenting to country music, reading and traveling.

People often ask me, "How did you get started in photography?" or "how long have you been a photographer?" My interest in photography started as a freshman in high school when I took my first photography class. I've had a camera in my hand ever since and now have 25 years' of professional experience. Throughout my career, I have photographed families, children, landscapes and even horses! But, my passion is capturing those special moments that can't be expressed in words -- those joyful moments that only occur at weddings. My love for wedding photography started when I photographed my first wedding in 1987. Each wedding is fast-paced and unique with beautiful photo opportunities that always exceed my expectations.

Experience is very important when you're looking for a wedding photographer. You want someone who can handle the "what if" moments, which undoubtedly happen at every wedding. From handing weather changes and adapting to schedules running to late to having back-up gear (you may need it!) and managing the conflicting interests of family members ... the list of "what ifs" is long, and you want a photographer who can remain calm and take great photographs in any situation. And, by choosing someone with experience, you will gain the benefits of one who is proficient in the art of photography rather than post-processing editing. I take pride in capturing artistic images with my camera, requiring minimal enhancements. So, if you are looking for an experienced professional who is skilled, passionate and truly cares about her work, well that would be me!

I enjoy my work and understand that weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. I would love to be part of your special day. While viewing my website, if you do not see what you are looking for, please call or send me an email so I can help you.

Your photographer,

Mary Sandy

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